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Antioxidants for lubricants

Lumar range of antioxidants is extremely broad. Antioxidants are specialty chemicals which interrupt the degradation process of base fluids in different ways, according to their structure. The major classifications of antioxidants are listed below:

Primary Antioxidants, react rapidly with peroxy radicals (ROO*). They are also called free radical scavenging antioxidants because they inhibit oxidation via chain terminating reactions. They have reactive OH or NH groups. (Hindered phenols and Secondary aromatic amines). Inhibition occurs via a transfer of a proton to the free radical species. The resulting radical is stable and does not abstract a proton from the polymer chain.

Secondary Antioxidants, reacting with hydroperoxides (ROOH) are frequently called hydroperoxide decomposers because they decompose hydroperoxides into non-radical, non-reactive, and thermally stable products.
They are often used in combination with primary antioxidants to yield synergistic stabilization effects.
Hydroperoxide decomposers prevent the split of hydroperoxides into extremely reactive alkoxy and hydroxy radicals. Lumar is offering organophosphorus compounds and thiosynergists which have proved their efficiency in the formulation of the most demanding applications.

Multi-functional Antioxidants, are combining both primary and secondary antioxidant functions in one compound.

Radical scavengers are antioxidants capable of trapping alkyl radicals. Scavenging of alkyl radicals would immediately inhibit the autoxidation cycle. Under oxygen deficient conditions alkyl radical scavengers contribute significantly to the stabilization of polymers.

Most popular antioxidants offered by Lumar are listed below:

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